Exceptional Abrasion Resistance

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ACTCHEM™ for Exceptional Abrasion Resistance


ACTCHEM™ is a refractory material which has exceptional strength and abrasion resistance. The material was designed to maximise the following characteristics:

Erosion Resistance

ACTCHEM™ has superior erosion resistance after firing to various temperatures. Once the material has taken a complete set, the erosion resistance is locked in.


Water Tolerance

ACTCHEM's™ abrasion resistance is relatively insensitive to water addition. Water addition will effect the strength of the material but will leave the abrasion resistance essentially unchanged. Increasing water contents tend to make the material sticky.



It is recommended that ACTCHEM™ be mixed with a high intensity mixer such as a "Hobart" for at least 5 minutes.

Typical water contents range from 4.0 to 5.0%. Other mixers can be used, but this may affect the mixing time and the amount of water required.

Handpacking ACTCHEM™

ACTCHEM™ was designed to be easily installed into all refractory anchoring systems by handpacking. The material can also be installed using pneumatic rammers. In addition, ACTCHEM™ has an extremely long working time. This greatly reduces material waste.

Resistance to Slumping

ACTCHEM™ is designed to be installed overhead in areas where vibration is present. The material must be mixed to the proper consistency and installed with the proper anchoring system for this application.

Stable in the Presence of water

Once the material has completely set, vessels lined with ACTCHEM™ can be hydro-tested without effecting the properties of the materials. ACTCHEM™ can also be exposed to water (after firing) without affecting the integrity of the lining.

Gunning Installation

Gunning ACTCHEM™

ACTCHEM™ can also be installed by gunning. This installation technique does not tend to change the properties of the material.

Gunning ACTCHEM™

Consistent Properties.

The abrasion resistance of ACTCHEM™ is consistent throughout the thickness of the material. Therefore, as the material wears, the properties remain constant.

Pouring ACTCHEM™